The Gift of Memory – for every life they touch

An opportunity for Long Term Care Facilities to create a lasting memory for families.

Long Term Care Facilities

Ideas for Long Term Care Facilities

Activity Directors, this is an opportunity for residents to have something fun and create a lasting piece for their family OR something fun to do with their grandchildren. What starts a free project can lead to additional revenue for the nursing home, specifically for residential activities!

  • Funeral Gifts
  • Discharge Gifts
  • Activity for a new Resident – Hand tracing stays in their file if the family wants to place an order
  • A lovely and memorable gift from a loved one to a resident
Long Term Care Facilities Stained Glass Hands

The Process is Quite Simple

Stained Glass Hand Trace

1.) Trace the Hand

First, you can use the template we provide you with your Stained Glass Onboarding Kit.  Or you can use an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, place the paper and hand being traced on an even surface and trace around the hand with a pen or pencil – just like making a hand turkey!

2.) Email or Mail it

By Email: Scan and email the tracing to along with any information required on the order. Be sure to choose what color you want! You have the choice of purple, blue or aqua green. Custom colors available for additional $5.

By Mail: Send the hand tracing along with a check to Stained Glass Hands, c/o Spotted Monkey Marketing PO Box 1286, Muncie, Indiana 47308.

Payments can be made online at or via check mailed to PO Box 1286 Muncie, Indiana 47308. Payments are due net 30 Days from date of receipt of order. $25 per hand (personalization extra). Shipping price depends on order and location and sales tax will be applied unless tax exempt.

Stained Glass Gifts
Handcrafted Gifts Made in the USA

3.) It’s Time to Craft a Stained Glass Hand

We carefully cut the glass in the shape of the hand and fingers.  Then we grind the edges to make the sharp parts smooth.

We then lead the glass so each piece is wrapped in metal ribbon and soldered together.

After the hand is complete, we etch the name of the person’s hand along with the year into the hand.

4.) The Hand is Complete

After the hand is complete, we will carefully package the hand and ship or deliver the hand(s) to you.

Once the hand arrives at its final destination,  it can be a sun-catcher, on an easel on your favorite coffee table, or as an ornament on your favorite tree.

Kids Gift Suncatcher

Make It Personalized

Make your order even more personalized with a custom message or icon on the hand.

Now grandma can easily identify her grandchild’s hand and favorite activity.

Personalized Hands for Stained Glass Hands

About Stained Glass Hands

Al Holdren

Stained Glass Hands creates custom made keepsakes from your personal hand tracings.  All of our work is handcrafted in Muncie, Indiana at our Stained Glass workshop.

Al Holdren is the owner and head craftsman of Stained Glass Hands.  Al has worked with stained glass for years creating many stained glass windows, sun-catchers, interior decor and more.  He often donates his stained glass talent to area non-profits.

Al’s entire family, including his wife Chris and daughters Katie and Maddie, are actively involved in the family business.

Feel free to call Al at (765) 744-0369 regarding any questions you have!


If you have questions about the product, your order, or any other questions about Stained Glass Hands, please email  You are also welcome to call the office of Spotted Monkey at 765.273.7730 and leave a message for Ashli or Al regarding any questions.

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